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You will also get free help/support from us and from our other users in the community for using one of the hundreds of available addititonal free plugin / addon scripts to add new web forum functions. Or you can pay someone or anyone to make a special plugin or special template according to your web forum mission.

Available Additional Scripts for FREE:

➭ Sidebar Widget

Serves to display certain content such as navigation menu link buttons, images, videos, photos, etc. on the right / left sidebar of your web forum

➭ Blogs Page Plug-in

Serves to install the blogger portal page. Each member of your web forum can create blog posts, comment on blogs, according to your settings.

➭ Photo Album Widget

Serves to display a widget containing the photos of your choice

➭ Advertisement Plug-in

Serves to display widgets that contain image ads, text, photos, videos, in certain sections on your web forum.

➭ SubForum Plug-in

Serves to activate the ability to create a subforum.

➭ Hundreds of other free scripts

You can browse our flugin forums category and install it on the free forums that you have created.


There are many free scripts (created by free forum users)

Beta version: Upgraded / improved according to your experience report

Many webmaster forum users volunteered to create various free scripts that can be used by you. Or you can be one of the users who wants to share your free scripts

Now If I want to create a free SAYALAGI web forum, where can I do it?⤾
⤿Just opening this Page⇗ and fill in the form provided according to the question. The Web Forum will automatically be installed in the English language interface (EN:Lang)